PosT Punk

Post Punk

We would like to know what Punk is today and write the Punk Manifesto of the new millennium and we would like to do it with you, females, males, transgender, nogender, gays, lesbians and any other definition in which you recognize or not, do not matter. It only matters that you tell us what PUNK is about today. Comment on our PosT Punk and add your Manifesto articles.

We will be inspired by your thoughts to finish writing NOfuture and we will draw up the Manifesto mentioning all those who participated. Thank you




One thought on “PosT Punk

  1. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. Beckett S.

    Ho sempre tentato. Ho sempre fallito. Non discutere. Prova ancora. Fallisci ancora. Fallisci meglio.
 Samuel Beckett.

    SI valgono anche le citazioni altrimenti che cazzo di POST punk è?!

    Gerardo Lamattina

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