Synopsis and Directing notes


On July 20, 2001, while Carlo Giuliani’s life was taken, our protagonist’s was given. Rebel, unconventional, countercurrent, in the blossom of adolescence and its absolute dogmas. In search for the assertion of a personal and nonconformist self, against an authoritarian and absolutist father, against a consuming and homologous system.

With a good friend, a rebel first love, a “beautiful soul” for a guide and punk in the veins, challenge his father, conventions and the whole established order.

Directing notes

«If we could retrieve the intransigence of youth, what would make us indignant the most would be seeing what we have become»

Andre Gide


How many times did they tell you that you did not have a future and that you were all wrong?

Many times, too many, especially when you were teenagers.

And that’s what our protagonist rebelliously rejects with desperate vitality: a future opportunity other than a sad and badly paid job.

To achieve that, he’s willing to do everything he can and pay the price of his personal and out-of-the-pack choices.

A teenager who’s not a son of our time at all, who challenges everything and everyone to realize his ideals and become himself.

An out of time punk who goes against paternal authoritarianism and the hypocritical perbenism of a society dominated by the god of money, and who chooses to live in his own way.

A film about the absence of a father and about family lived as a choice and not like simple biological data.

Eventually, even a story of love and friendship with it’s inevitable disappointments and fleeting ravings.